Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rise and Shine Challenge Day 1

I am starting the Rise and Shine Challenge from The Abundant Mama.  Technically I started it yesterday, but I am just blogging about it today.  I definitely am a morning person, but lately I have been struggling with getting up early, probably because I've been struggling with getting to bed on time!  My work schedule will be changing again in two weeks, so I need to make sure I am ready for it!

I have decided on a 6:00 wake up time, for now.  I may decide to bring that back to 5:30 once school starts.  I have also decided to not work out in the mornings anymore.  I will be working out or heading to the gym as soon as I get home each day.  I feel great when I work out in the mornings, but I don't have as much time, don't push myself as hard, and sometimes don't get out of bed on time because I don't want to work out.  I go back and forth on what works best for me, so we will see!

What does a good morning look like?
The assignment for day 1 is to describe what my ideal morning would look and feel like, and how it would flow.

My ideal morning:

  • Wake up by 6:00am (maybe 5:30 once school starts in two weeks)
  • Start my day in God's word and prayer, before I even get out of bed
  • Get showered, dressed, etc
  • Complete daily Bible study
  • Catch up on social media, email, messages, etc
  • Make breakfast and pack lunch
  • Clean up kitchen
  • Head out the door by 8:35 (7:30 once school starts)
My day seems to go so much better when I have my ideal morning!  What does your ideal morning look like?

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