Friday, August 22, 2014

Rise and Shine Challenge Days 4 and 5

I didn't get around to blogging yesterday, and the assignment for the day seemed redundant for me, because the only schedule I have is for myself.  So, I decided to just do two days in the same post.

The Day 4 assignment was to create a nightly checklist to prepare for the following day.  I feel like I've already gone through that, as I prefer to do much of what might be on a nightly checklist (prepare lunch, pack bags, pick out clothes, etc) in the morning.  The earlier I get up the morning, the more prepared and alert I feel once work starts.  So, my plan is to keep those things in my morning routine, for now.  If I later decide to start working out in the morning again, I may have to readjust.

The Day 5 assignment is to think about what starts your day off well.  For me, having a "schedule" in the morning before work starts my day off well.  I do things in a certain order, and I get thrown off when that gets changed.  Spending at least 30 minute chunk of time every morning in God's Word, along with praying and/or reading a passage before I even get out of bed help me especially with my attitude as I go about my day.

The Abundant Mama (host of this challenge) hosted a live Q&A session yesterday, and has it recorded for those of us who missed it here.  I personally haven't watched it yet, but wanted to put it out there for anyone following this challenge, and for myself to watch later.

So, back to the day 5 assignment.  What starts your day off well?

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