Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rise and Shine Challenge Day 3

Well, apparently I got a little ahead of myself yesterday.  I should have just focused on sleep cycles and getting quality sleep, and today focused on routines.

My only real routine so far is shutting off my computer and phone, and praying before bed.  Some people clean up the house, write a to-do list, drink some tea, read a book, or something else.  Typically by the time I realize I should be heading to bed, I just want to get there.  I don't want to have a long routine of things to do.  So, ideally, this is what my routine would look like:

  • Put away whatever I am doing
  • Brush teeth, wash face, take out contacts, etc
  • Turn off electronics
  • Climb into bed, read the Bible and/or a devotion, Pray.
What does your ideal bedtime routine look like?

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